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Hello, my name is Justin Malone and on this blog you'll find a lot of useful information about landscaping. When I moved into my newly built home, I didn't even have any grass in my yard, so I had to start from scratch. Before I tackled the project of landscaping my property, I did a large amount of research first. I learned how to plant grass seed, and when the grass started to grow, I researched planting trees. As my yard started taking shape, I planted shrubs and made flower beds. My next landscape project was building a fish pond and I completed it with ease after doing the research. I'm writing this blog as a guide for others who want to do their own landscaping and I hope that it helps you learn how to create a beautiful yard.

Get The Job Done Right: Why You Should Hire A Landscape Maintenance Service

If you haven't hired a landscape maintenance service yet, there are plenty of good reasons to make that investment. Two of those reasons include the time and money you'll save when you hire a landscape service for your yard. Not sure how you'll save time and money on your landscaping? First, you won't need to spend your free time doing yard maintenance. Second, you won't need to invest your money in all of the tools you'll need for the maintenance. In addition to those two benefits, there are other benefits to consider. Here are four more reasons to invest in a landscape maintenance service. 

Reduce Pest-Related Damage

When it comes to your yard, pests can be a real problem, especially if you don't know what to look out for. You might not think that there are a lot of pests that can harm your yard, but that's not the case. Ordinary pests such as grasshoppers, grubs, and beetles can wreak havoc on your lawn. That's where a landscape maintenance service comes into the picture. Once you hire a landscape maintenance service, they'll monitor your yard for all types of pest activity. If any type of activity is identified, your landscape maintenance service will take care of treatment before any permanent damage can be done to your yard. 

Ensure Proper Irrigation 

If you have a problem with over/under watering your lawn and gardens each year, it's time to hire a landscape maintenance service. Improper irrigation can cause serious damage to your landscaping, especially your lawn. Not only that, but too much watering can increase your water bill and get you into trouble with your water company, especially during a drought. To make sure your lawn and gardens get just the right amount of water, hire a landscape maintenance service as soon as possible. 

Avoid Fertilizer Errors

If you can't seem to get your fertilizer levels quite right, you might notice some problems with your landscaping. Improper fertilizer levels can cause your plants to die and can also cause lawn discoloration. The best way to avoid fertilizer errors is to work with a landscape maintenance service. Your landscape maintenance service will work to ensure proper fertilizer levels throughout your yard. 

Prevent HOA Issues

Finally, if you live in a planned community, you need to worry about your homeowner's association. Most homeowners associations have strict rules regarding landscaping. If your yard doesn't look its best, you could end up with fines and penalties. Luckily, you can avoid those problems when you hire a landscape maintenance service to take care of your yard.