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Hello, my name is Justin Malone and on this blog you'll find a lot of useful information about landscaping. When I moved into my newly built home, I didn't even have any grass in my yard, so I had to start from scratch. Before I tackled the project of landscaping my property, I did a large amount of research first. I learned how to plant grass seed, and when the grass started to grow, I researched planting trees. As my yard started taking shape, I planted shrubs and made flower beds. My next landscape project was building a fish pond and I completed it with ease after doing the research. I'm writing this blog as a guide for others who want to do their own landscaping and I hope that it helps you learn how to create a beautiful yard.

Top Reasons Why You May Need Masonry Services For Your Brickwork

Bricks are very durable and can last for a long time. However, they will eventually become damaged and might need to be repaired if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your building and if you want your building to still look beautiful. Some homeowners choose to fix their bricks themselves, but hiring masonry services is often a much better option.

Don't Waste Time

The process of fixing the surface of a piece of masonry can be very time-consuming, and you may not be able to take time out of your busy schedule. You will not only need to repair your brickwork, but you must also find out what is causing the problem in the first place. Therefore, you might decide to hire professionals to do the job for you.

A masonry specialist will be able to identify what is wrong with the bricks and will then correct the underlying issue. Then, the damaged masonry can not only be corrected but you will be able to prevent further damage from occurring in the future.

Frost Attacks

Old bricks are very vulnerable to frost damage. When water turns from liquid to solid, it places stress on the brick and can cause spalling. At this point, the brick face flakes off. If the problem is not corrected, the brick might disintegrate entirely.


While staining might not affect the integrity of your brickwork, it will diminish the value of your home unless it is corrected. The mortar joints of your brickwork can be affected by iron staining, and the brick face can be stained by silicate deposits. 

Moisture Problems

One of the most common causes of damage for bricks is excessive moisture. This is often the result of a gutter system that is defective. A broken gutter system will not carry water away from the roof effectively, and it will instead seep down your beautiful brickwork.

With new brickwork, when the water dries, it can cause salt to form on the surface. This is known as efflorescence and can temporarily diminish the appearance of your brickwork. However, it might be difficult to remove in extreme cases and may need to be removed by a professional using sandblasting.

There are various other problems you might face, such as graffiti sprayed on your beautiful brickwork. Regardless of what it is, masonry services will be able to restore your bricks so that your building looks as good as new.